Saturday, September 20, 2014


This is a Post that John's cousin's wife, 
Melissa Beck, 
wrote yesterday.
I find it so profound and she agreed to let me share it here.

"I witnessed a terrible car accident yesterday. The man in front of me was turning left and a car going straight T-boned him going 50 miles an hour. I pulled over and ran to see if everyone was o.k. A registered nurse was there in seconds and was already holding the driver's head in her hands and talking to him. For some reason I felt like I was suppose to stay and be there too. His name is Cameron and he is 24 years old he wasn't married, and didn't have any children. The nurse spoke so sweetly as tears quietly slid down his cheeks. She was trying to keep him awake and conscious. I found his cell phone and called his Dad who had happened to be at that location just moments before. He was able to come to the accident and noticed that the man who had been driving the other car, who was unharmed, was a man he knew from church years ago. The ambulance took Cameron away and the nurse drove away. And then I left too. For a moment, in a an awful instant people came together and we all cared about this one human being who needed us. Cameron had been the one to cause the accident. It was his fault he was in this circumstance, but we all ran to his rescue and would have done whatever it would take to save him. I can't stop thinking about it. People all around us are experiencing terrible tragedy and sorrow from their own choices or trials placed upon them. Some we can see and others we can not. But oh how they need rescuing, they need people to run to save them and do whatever it takes to rescue them. I hope we all can be more aware of the people around us who need love, care, attention, and saving."

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  1. Thanks Melissa for composing and thanks Barb for sharing. This is profound. Hopefully not an overused word. It is definitely not overused in my vocabulary. I rarely come across something that is so simple, so easy to spot if we are in tune and listening to the lessons being taught. Interesting that things so simple are so profound.