Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Snowless Grouse Mountain

I'm finally getting around to that running list of things to see and do in Vancouver, YAY!
I have been known at times to live 
"flying by the seat of my pants" a bit, if you will, or the term "last minute" has been used as well… which ever you prefer although the first sounds a bit more exciting if you ask me:)  John was out of town for an away game, and let's be honest Homeschool, (AKA busy work from Teachers) was getting the best of us all, so we loaded in the car for a trip to Grouse Mountain. 
I had been told that the best (and cheapest) way is to hike the "Grouse Grind" up the mountain, and then ride the sky ride down. Although that route is truly tempting to me, doing it with three little ones alone didn't strike me as fun, so we opted for the Ultimate Package, and bought a round trip ticket on the sky ride. It was a decision I did not regret…:)

However, I did have 2 major regrets: 
No stroller and dead camera battery.
I did manage to get a few great shots of the Bird and Lumberjack show before the camera took it's last breath,
But those views?? Come on! A camera phone just can't do those views any justice. 

We spent the entire day up on the mountain learning and playing and taking in those breath taking sites.

The Bird Show was fascinating! Quick facts we learned:
- There are so many Bald Eagles in B.C. due to the supply of Salmon that they eat
-Bald Eagles start to get their white feathers only after reaching maturity
-Owls like the eat Skunks... YIKES! They have no sense of smell
-Most birds of prey don't have a sense of smell with the exception of the Turkey Vulture which uses its sniffer to locate carcasses lying on the ground
-Turkey Vultures don't have feathers on their head to make for easy clean up after they have used their head to devour those dirty nasty carcasses, can you imagine getting that rotting dinner out of your feathers, God knows what He is doing folks. 
-Peregrine Falcolns,(Presty's favorite bird) are the fastest members of the animal kingdom reaching speeds up to 200mph,
and can snatch their food right out of the air, mid flight!

The Boys loved this "World Famous" Lumberjack Show so much, I had to peel them away from watching it a SECOND time! 
I'll admit we all had some good chuckles, 
and were thoroughly entertained 

We took the Chair Lift up the mountain, which puts you at about 4,100 feet above sea level. We then got in an elevator inside the Eye of the Wind and rode up about another 200 ft. 

It is impossible to find words sufficient
 to describe the view from the top. 
Your eyes are taking in a complete panorama of the Pacific Ocean, all of Vancouver and the 5 mountain ranges that surround you.

I think the Boy's favorite part of the Eye of the Wind, 
was looking through the plexiglass panels on the floor and seeing people walking directly 215 ft below them. 

Eye of the Wind facts:

-Overall height 215 ft
-Weighs 145 Tons
-Output Capacity of generated energy is enough to supply the needs of over 400 homes a year
-One blade weighs 12,200 pounds and measures 122 ft long
-It's the World's first and only wind turbine that allows you to stand in a clear glass viewPOD at the top of the tower

There was this moment while on top of the world, where everything seemed just right… I looked over to find little g chasing bubbles in the air and Heaven's rays shining down on my little boy. 
It was pure magic.

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  1. Uh HOT lumberjacks! This looks so awesome Barb. Your boys may not remember the details but the feeling they had while there helps develop their feelings towards you, themselves and the world and even learning. But they don't HAVE to remember it, they can read about it themselves!