Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Charlie's Chocolate Factory

 His name is Charlie and he owns a Chocolate Factory.
Meaning, he gets chocolate from Belgium shipped to Canada and melts it down to shape it into any mold you can think of:)
His candy store isn't too shabby either. 

The boys were thrilled when I announced that we were going on a tour of a chocolate factory and they were equally thrilled when they met the Main Man himself.

Charlie was so enthusiastic about sharing the 
facts about chocolate. 
He took us all the way through the process of going from a cocoa pod to a chocolate bar. 
We were surprised to learn that the pod isn't brown when picked, and that inside the pod is a slimy pulp surrounding the bean. 
In an effort to not damage the sensitive cocoa beans, much of the harvesting process is actually done by hand. After being picked, they undergo a fermenting process for around 5-8 days.
 When the fermenting process is complete, the pulp has turned to liquid, and drains away, as the coco bean actually changes color and takes on the flavor that we associate with chocolate. 
The final stage for harvesting the coca bean is the drying process which can take up to 12 days. 
With a process that complex I can appreciate my Cadbury Mini Eggs that much more. 

little g's face!

The boys were amazed at these slide viewers. 
So fun to have them experience something like this from the past with an educational purpose. 
Who needs an I pad when we can use these? :)

The highlight of Charlie's tour was his explanation of his REAL chocolate river flowing from this mountain exhibit. 
"That's REAL CHOCOLATE!" Charlie beamed.

Have the boys asked me for an I Pod? Yes.
Did they get one? Of course! A chocolate one:)
(They really were excited I promise) 

This sign, displayed at his checkout counter, is a perfect demonstration of Charlie. 
I LOVE that generation of people!
 Wish they could stick around for ever!
Thanks for the tour Charlie!  


  1. Okay in a totally different way, this is also profound. I swear I NEVER say that word. This brought me to tears for so many reasons. I'm totally jealous of that experience, and that chocolate. I'm glad you had your camera with you. I love Charlie and the faces Grady makes. For those I'm profoundly grateful :)

  2. Seriously? I love everything about this post! I love that mr Charlie....having a major old man crush on him! And can I squeeze Grady? His faces in every photo are so so scrumptious!

  3. everything about this post is adorable.