Sunday, July 20, 2014


#1, I knew moving to Vancouver for four months would be an adventure. #2,  I somehow failed to anticipate the transition it would be for us all to be together 24/7 in a new place, make that a new country. Now, I know Canada isn't that far off from the States, but there are enough differences that it requires some adjusting. For example, Gasoline in Canada, due to high taxes (in order to pay for their health care) is almost double the price as the U.S.  No big deal we will just go over the border 5 miles for gas, except... that going over the border can take up to an hour waiting in a line of cars. Grocery Stores, don't be fooled, even the same ones in the U.S. like Walmart, Target, Safeway, do not carry all the same groceries. Measurements: I took my boys to the library to learn about the dairy cows from the mobile dairy farm. We asked how many gallons of milk they produce a day, she responded in kilograms. Gallons is volume, kilograms is weight, we were stumped for just a second. The most frustrating factor would have to be the fact that cell phone companies do not offer a reasonable international data plan, at least in my experience. GPS? I need it! Especially in an unfamiliar city. Data access on our nifty smart phones, in todays world I have realized, is quite a luxury. 
The first week here consisted of the usual moving obstacles, and how I managed to forgot them after all the times we've moved, I can't explain. It was lots of driving, eating out, living in hotels (old hotels, even a bit scary, with some real life pirates hanging around outside, I swear he was!) and late nights due to the fact that it stayed light here till nearly 10:00 p.m. Late nights and little boys makes it difficult to find any alone time to re-group. We did our best to enjoy the ride, and before we completely lost our minds from hotel living overload, we got lucky and found a two bedroom suite. It was fully equipped with ocean views, furnishings and the best part… temporary lease!! The exact months that we were in need of! A blessing to say the least. The owners are so fascinating and I am looking forward to writing about them and the lives they have had.

I have found that the best thing you can do to survive hotel living with little ones, is to get out and discover the outdoor places the city has to offer. 
I love this picture my Father-in-law took of me and my boys swinging together at this amazing park in Vancouver, days after we first arrived. 

This reunion was oh so sweet! A month was much too long to be away from our Daddy.
The minute the game was over John walked over to our section and had us hand each boy down to him on the field. I, along with Wendell and Julie, then spent 30 minutes talking to people around the stadium trying to figure out how to get my boys back after John walked in the locker room with them. Not the place a 7, 5, and 3, year old need to be yet. The were many interesting questions they had for me, once we retrieved them. They came out of there still innocent, but surely a bit scarred...

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