Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Apology Will Do

This Day!! Wow! I found myself on two very different ends of the mommy spectrum today. As typical days off for John go, he takes Ty and Preston into the facility for a little daddy son time, AKA: Burn some of their energy time. I always admire that John does this and truly appreciate the time it gives me to catch a breath. I kept Grady at the house with me while I made an attempt at organizing our suitcase life. Then it was off for a nice walk to town, poking into little shops along the way, and listening as G Man gave me a live interpretation of the several murals painted on the side of buildings. Dreamy right?… It continues down this path even further. Ty had his first day of art camp at this incredible art studio here in B.C. "4 Cats", at which point John took Preston and Grady down to the bay to Kayak and get ice cream on the promenade. (Believe it or not it actually stays dreamy.) I then pick Ty up from Art and head to the church, where he and I practice our piano assignments from our most talented teacher back in San Diego MUSIC PILLARS (I will share more about his influence in a future post). For the first time in a long time Ty actually lets me help him with his pieces! It was the most rewarding part of the day actually, a true triumph. There is really something magical about learning a new skill along side your child. 

We take turns working on our pieces. This one I have been working on for,… umm…
 let's say 4 months… Yikes! 

You could guess this may be the end of our blissful day, and you would be right. We use the I Pad in our piano lessons, so after piano I let Ty play Minecraft for a bit in the car. When we pulled up to the house, Preston was curious what Ty was doing still in the car (I was wondering the same thing) and he went out to join in the fun. When Ty came in to tell me "Mom, Preston accidentally dropped the I Pad and shattered the screen, I didn't believe him. I could see Preston from my window, in the house, sitting in the car playing it, how could he possibly be sitting there so unaffected if he just shattered his parents relatively new I Pad? 
It may be surprising that John and I, after our initial angst over the shattered screen, weren't actually that upset at the accident of dropping it. I mean accidents do happen.I can't even count the amount of times I have dropped my phone. (So glad I heeded John's advice and invested in a otter box. I've never looked back, bulk and all!) We were actually seeing the silver lining very quickly after, when we realized our summer of Minecraft would be over sooner than we thought :) But what truly put me in the Mommy slumps was the fact that my son, 5 years old, so entranced with a game… that he continued to play it, glass shards and all, without a flinch. Possibly even worse was the fact that the little guy had no urgency what so ever to apologize, but actually lashed out at us, claiming that he still had 5 minutes to play! I am embarrassed actually to even document this. It's times like this that I truly want to cry! Raising boys into gentlemen is no joke! Aside from lots of praying and parenting books, I just keep hoping that if I read "Do unto Otters" enough times, maybe my little high spirited boy will eventually pick something up.  ... and we're still waiting for that apology. 

I had to prompt him to show a sad face for this picture

I had to remind myself that he is in fact a 5 year old and that learning is line upon line. One of my most frequent pleas is that Heavenly Father will forgive me for how long it takes me to actually adopt and grasp a concept or skill that I need to apply to my life. So thankful for the patience and understanding that He shows me, I pray I can do the same for my own children

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