Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Skate Park

During my rare but much needed free time of 2 hours yesterday, I meandered over to an architectural salvage place here in B.C. 
It may seem pointless, I know, since I am not exactly in the business of looking for reclaimed and used items for the purpose of building something right now. I mean there are a million things I would love to do to the interior of this 2 bedroom suite we are renting, but I can accept that that isn't an option. Regardless, when I walk into a place like that I literally get giddy. There is something about thinking of new ways to use an old piece that I really love… that's besides the point, because what turned out being the best part of my little outing was that I drove by an amazing, huge, skate park that I instantly knew was a place for my boys to experience. 
This morning I simply told the boys that I had a fun adventure planned for them and to make sure that they brought their helmets. The anticipation was just too much for us all, so I divulged before arriving there and told them that they were going to get to ride their scooters at a real life skate park! 
They were thrilled! Now, there was some real legit entertainment going on when we arrived, that I have to admit was keeping my attention for several moments, like these here fellows

But, let me tell you, Nothing could beat watching these little guys and their fearless spirits. 

To say they had fun, would be an understatement! As a mother it is so thrilling to watch your children take on new challenges and embrace them. There were grown men, teenagers, and even others the same age as my older boys, doing all sorts of tricks, that I don't know the names of, yet my boys just got right in there like they belonged. Now don't get me wrong, I don't desire for my boys necessarily take on all the lifestyle choices that come along with being at a skate park, (there were some choice words when those dudes missed their jumps), but, I do love their confidence in themselves to try something new. Some of those ramps were steep! For instance there were times when the boys, once down inside the bowl, couldn't get out. The older guys were cheering them on and being very patient with them as they tried their hardest to push their scooter out with one hand then run at it again to try to get themselves up. This brought up a great opportunity for us to talk about sportsmanship, and how part of being a good sport, is cheering others on, and being considerate of those you share the space with. (we also addressed being aware of your surroundings, after Grady and Preston had a slight collision). One time, I looked across to see Grady hoisting himself up a steep ramp with his hands, while at the same time dragging his scooter along with his feet. Once he got to the top, he reached down to grab the scooter from his legs. 
I was impressed! 
Equally telling is this picture

Where as you can see Grady decided it much more amusing to slide down the ramp, scooter in tow.
Can't wait to watch these little guys again, one of the most fun things I've done with them in a long time, just praying that there will be no trips the hospital… Yikes!

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