Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We would love to have you

The truth is I have a handful of blogs. A private one for the really cherished thoughts. An older one from back in the day, when I jumped on the bandwagon and joined the thousands of other families that attempted to document every little happening in their new family, all while nursing a new baby, or having a baby, or working, or moving or any of the many things that go along being a relatively new wife or mother. Some of my friends miraculously have kept this practice up, and even have a book printed each year from their families life, I on the other hand did not succeed at keeping my family blog going in the early days. Maybe it was due to moving every six months, maybe it was because I was pregnant or nursing for 6 years, or maybe It was simply because I was in a haze just trying to stay afloat. :) In addition to those, I also have a special blog that documented our beloved 2 months of living in Hawaii, a trip that I swear saved my husband from going completely crazy after a rough 6 years of career ups and mostly downs.
So here I am again starting yet another blog, why? I love to write. I cherish memories. And frankly I don't remember things that well on my own, (just ask my best friend Kayla who memorizes numerous events by year, including my random personal life happenings that I may have told her one late night over ice cream,... and don't remember the next week my self!) In fact my mother-in-law once told me, "we use our brains to problem solve not to remember, so write it down." I don't believe that my life is any more important than the next person's, in reality I am on a quest to say quite the opposite. I believe that my life is made up of all those people who have come in it, wether it be a moment long enough to have a conversation, or years of experiences and memories. I have a goal to document and highlight those people,  those connections, and experiences that make me who I am and who my family is greatly influenced by. I'm going for that book, with our life story for my family. That my kids can read years from now and be inspired by those who inspired us, and eager to build a life they love. Of course anyone is welcome to come along if they wish, we would love to have you.

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