Sunday, October 19, 2014

Urban Safari Rescue Society


I have to admit that I have been putting off any sort of documentation for the past couple of weeks, due to my inadequate and out of focus pictures!! 


So, I may have dropped my camera once.
Or twice.
Or maybe 3 times…

What did I learn? 

To not put any valuables in your stroller canopy, because your child will inevitably pull on it causing all the contents which were nestled safely
 to catapult into the air, not once, or twice, but THREE times.

Not only is my camera not feeling it's best self, but let's be honest, I have zero knowledge of how to use my camera to it's fullest potential to begin with. 

Next goal: How to take better pictures! 

I often find myself in-doors while on these adventures with my boys and feeling frustrated that I can't capture in a picture, what I am seeing with my eyes.

Forgive these amateur photos

So, on to the Urban Safari Rescue Society. 
What possessed us to happen upon this place you might ask?
It was actually this sign that peeked our curiosity.

 We walked into this place and got hit in the face with thee mooost heinous fumes! I'm talking air so thick and foul, you doubt you will hardly be able to come out alive!

This was more than just bugs my friends, this was toads, spiders, turtles, lizards, cockroaches, a pig, a skunk, salamanders, tarantulas, a parrot, and all creepy crawly things.

So naturally, the boys loved it!

 This here cockroach species, not only can survive forest fires by escaping under ground waiting for the fire to pass, but scientists have found that it can survive even 
high exposure to radiation!!! 
I have gained an entire new perspective towards this terrifying creature that I once had crawling on me in bed in Hawaii!! 
Yes that is 100% true and I have the hebejebes just typing out that memory… sheesh!!     

I think the amount of knowledge and experience gained in this short hour left these boys plain out pooped! 

But don't let their faces fool you, they gained a second wind immediately upon entering the car and filled in all the questions from the booklet they were given after the tour. 
The genuine snake skin souvenir that was included was also a nice touch :) 

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  1. oh my boys would have been in heaven!! That turtle...
    Love your adventures!!