Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fire Station

This summer the boys and I came up with a "Wish List" for homeschool adventures. Naturally visiting a fire station was at the top Preston's list. What little boy doesn't want to meet a real firefighter and see all the fascinating gear they have? Lucky for us a gentlemen from our church happens to be a Fire Chief here in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and he offered to show the boys around at his station. We happily took him up on his offer and checked that one off our list.
I'm certain that it was a day the boys will not soon forget. The firemen went above and beyond, explaining the purpose behind each piece of equipment and letting them experience as much hands on action as they wanted 
{hello Jaws of Life, YIKES!}

If you are looking for an exciting, educational, and free experience for your boys {or girls} I highly recommend paying a visit to your local fire station and maybe showing those firemen a little love by bringing a treat wouldn't hurt either :)

Ladies and gentlemen you are witnessing a dream coming true right here for this boy. I no longer have to explain to him why he can not have his own ax or hatchet, once he realized just how big and heavy they are, not mention dangerous! This thing was basically pulling him around {imagine everyone backing up in unison, as he tried taking steps while holding it}

And this was Grady's dream come true… 
sliding down an authentic firemen's pole! His face, so precious!

Please note the anticipation for the most ginormous water hose. 
Ty is plotting his attack at this moment...

Until he realizes it actually takes at least 2 people to hold it.

Grady tried to pretend he was really nervous about the whole thing, but get a load of these facial expressions, 
obviously he got over his fears pretty quickly.

Is Ty about to sneeze?

Is Preston trying to run?

There we go, all of you staring awkwardly into the sun…
I think I just accidentally made up a rap

Big thank you to Bob and the guys at the station!
 Axe, water hose, Jaws of Life, heat sensor, face mask, authentic fire pole, and headsets, what more could a boy want?

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  1. Your kids are filling wells of really are such a great mom!!