Friday, August 1, 2014

Granville Island

 With the summer flying by, I have been feeling pressed for time to squeeze in all the seeing and doing there is to experience here in Vancouver. So last Saturday when we had a bit of time to grab something to eat, we accidentally ended up on Granville Island, and by accidentally, I mean we just started driving towards the city and decided that maybe we would try to catch a bit of the Honda Celebration of Light Show, which is near the island. Of course we didn't want to pay to see the real deal since it started at 10 p.m and the littles might not make it through, (I've learned from experience that it is possible to sleep through fireworks.) Besides we had already seen the best firework show of the summer in beloved Montana, so a free seat across the harbor would do. 
I was smitten with the place the moment I stepped foot on it's soil. Granville Island is ART! It's soul is creativity! It breaths culture!... you get the point, its full of LIFE! I immediately planned a trip to come back and explore, and I was not disappointed in what I discovered.

I was amazed at all the different kinds of studios there are on the island. You could pretty much find anything you could think of, from glass, wood, furniture, screen printing to a broom making shop. 

This place was incredible! The live silk worms that they had on display were fascinating, and although they don't produce their own silk in house, they do have several massive looms where they weave the gorgeous scarfs right before you eyes. Preston and Grady were amazed at the process of it all.

 This is an Inukshuk. It is not uncommon to find versions of these along the beach in White Rock. Vancouver used these in the 2010 Winter Olympics as a symbol of Welcoming and Friendship

Have you ever seen a prettier underside of a bridge? 
I know I haven't!
 Nothing like a breath of life mixed with the industrial.
 I took this picture of this potting kiln and studio in honor of our land lord, Peter, who is a very talented artist and happens to have his very own kiln and studio right at the house.

Seeing this Emily Carr University of Art School, left me anxious to just peek inside! Creative Juice overload I'm certain!

Granville Island, we'll be back soon.

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  1. mmmkay I've tried 3, tres, thrice times to comment on this post. So here is my last try. Who says three strikes you're out eh? Well baseball people and umpires, but whatever. I wonder who first noticed the potential of the silk worm. And that they were masters at their craft? I'll have to look into that. Also they're amazing but give me the heebie geebies and I love that you are loving where you live even when you don't love it so much... it makes a daily difference