Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"The More Places You'll Go"

When you are pregnant, and more often when you are due to deliver your first born, there is endless advice to be received. Those who are parents themselves, those close to you, those who are complete strangers, all have a desire to pass on, from their experience, the little tips and tricks that they found to be helpful. Some of those "tips and tricks" turns out, don't really fit your style, or personality, some… actually save your hide, when you can't muster up the thinking capacity in the wee hours of night to solve the little human's problems yourself. I was like many first time moms, eager to learn and absorb from almost any experienced parent willing to share. (Except for the mom who encouraged me to nurse until my child was 4 years old, that my friends, is not for me!) But one piece of advice really sent me on a journey of bonding with my boys that I will always be grateful for. 

During the latter part of my pregnancy with Ty, John and I lived in Arizona while he was training for the NFL Combine. Since we were only going to be there for 2 months, then return to Utah for my delivery, we decided I would just fly home for my Doctor appointment, rather than find a new doctor for 1 visit. On my flight home, I happened to sit next to a native Mesa Gal, who was so sweet and kind, (a mother of six by the way) and began inquiring about my pregnancy. Was it a boy or girl? How have I felt? When am I due? What will we name him? I was happy to talk about my pregnancy, I mean, it is the most anticipated introduction in your life. To meet your child… it just can't be topped! Then our conversation turned to her sharing her personal tips. Among the stroller and car seat recommendations, she said something, that although may seem insignificant to some, really resonated with me. It was simply, "Read to your Child, and Read Nursery Rhymes as much as you can!" She explained that she had heard somewhere that reading rhymes actually builds up a child's mnemonic skills, which gives them tools to remember and recall along with aiding in the their speech and later on, reading. 
I had watched my sister and sister in-laws read to their children and I knew it was important, but the idea of specifically reading nursery rhymes gave me a jumping off point that excited me about learning with my child. When I found myself living in a hotel for 2 months, in a new city across the country from my family, I became anxious with my long days alone with a new born. It's never too early to start reading to your child, right? Even if all thy do is eat, poop, and sleep. So I headed to Barnes and Noble and OF COURSE, bought a nursery rhymes and lullaby book. I am happy to say that today 7 years later,my boys know many of those songs and nursery rhymes that I frequently read and sang to them. Not to mentioned the cherished quiet time I get each time I sit with them to read Or, now hear them read to me. When you have a house full of boys and nothing else seems to do the trick of calming them down, you will read till you put yourself to sleep from the sound of your own voice, which I have done on occasion. 
Getting a library card, is on my "Top 5 list of things to do when moving to a new city." 

It was love at first site when I saw this living wall and realized, it was my new city library!! You can not top free access to books and loads of other resources, in a place this cool! Even if your library doesn't boast a breathtaking living wall, what can be better than free access to information? I mean sure one day I hope to have my own home library maybe with a little bit of this,

Or a little bit of that,

But, for now, I am happy making many more simple trips to the public library with this little man and his brothers

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