Monday, October 6, 2014

Easy Peasy Watercolor Leaves

Conference weekend can be a challenge when you have 3 active boys and no Hubs at home. It seems football life has always made this the case. Just keeping them safe from injuries, while you try to squeeze in a listen here and there is tempting enough to make you want to throw in the towel and vow that you will listen to all of those amazing talks, after kiddos go to sleep.

Of course you are just making it through the last of those talks by the time the next conference rolls around 6 months later… yikes!

We kept ourselves busy this weekend with painting ANYTHING we could get our hands on: sticks, rocks, paper and… leaves! 

I found these water color pencils at the dollar store, which were perfect for this project with the boys, but the possibilities are endless when you consider all the other colors you could use outside this basic box. 

Simply dip the very tip of your pencil in the water like so, and you are ready to paint. Be prepared to dip after each application, and I found it helpful to have a pencil sharpener handy as the tips can run out of life quickly. 

Start with gathering some leaves

And away you and your littles can go!
We found that painting on the back side gave us the best results, the fronts have that nice waxy feel that give them a fabulous shine, but not so fabulous for absorbing paint. 

I loved all the imperfections!
 Some we highlighted and others were best left 
just the way they were

This is the start of something good :) 


  1. Your brain amazes me. Your so creative and resourceful reminds me of days of yore with you outdoors with your satchel

  2. sweetouch I love you so much for remembering my days outside with a satchel. You are my soulseester

  3. I love this! I love watercolor pencils but had no idea they would work on leaves! Totally doing this with my girls. Ps. We homeschool too!

  4. um this is the best thing I've ever to get my hands on some leaves!!

  5. aaaaah LOVE this idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE!